Custom index stock dividers are constructed of heavy-duty white or manila stock with 2-hole punching at top or 3-hole or 5-hole punching on the left or right side. All hole punching can be reinforced with Mylar tape. Tab titles can be printed one side or 2 sided and body copy can be printed on one or all index sheets. Mylar colored coating on tabs.Call your Filing Systems Consultant for Pricing!Easy Ordering Instructions:Specify divider color: White or ManilaSpecify punching needs: 2-hole punching at top, or 3-hole or 5-hole punching on the left or right side.Specify tab cut style: End or Side Tabs.Specify tab cut size (see chart).Specify tab titles, position (end tab left to right or side tab top to bottom).Specify printed tab 1-side or 2-sided.Specify body copy per tab if required.Specify packaging needs: Collated (titles boxed together in sets) or not collated (each title boxed individually).

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