Designed for storage of X-rays, these jackets are closed on the bottom and both sides to protect the contents. Three holes in the front panel indicate if X-rays or paperwork are in the jacket. Full height tab is embossed for positioning color coded labels.Specifications:Flat (no expansion) Full height gusset Front panel three hole punchedTwo-pli edges Front panel has a thumbcutTop corners squared, front and back10{6c620ba3464598c8f78cfbb688a881bf84aad4574ca750c7c8412530d050c0a6} recycled content, 10{6c620ba3464598c8f78cfbb688a881bf84aad4574ca750c7c8412530d050c0a6} post-consumer material11pt colored stock (10 colors)LETTER SIZE: 12 ¼” w X 9 ½”.

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