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High Density Mobile Shelving

High-density mobile filing systems date back some four decades or more, but new ideas, enhancements and applications are conceived daily by our salespeople and engineers. The basic idea behind high-density mobile filing is simplicity itself – you can create access (an aisle) only when and where it is needed, while adding significantly more storage capacity to any space. The design of our storage equipment means that you use far less of your valuable office space; our systems can take the shape you want while offering the storage space that you need. Each mobile system is designed and built to the highest quality standards for safe, reliable performance – the VERY best that the industry has to offer!

Stackable Shelving

All folder labels are clearly visible for easy filing. Features a build as you need design, so you can stack tiers up to 8 high. As your file needs grow just add tiers. Each tier is constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel with scratch resistant finish. Four sturdy dividers are welded to the shelf to give the system extra strength. Each tier holds up to 200 lbs. Tiers come fully assembled and are ready to stack. 2” base with top included with each section. Available in 2 colors-Beige and Gray.


Lateral Mobile Shelving

Our Lateral Mobile systems give you more filing inches of storage in less floor space than any comparable filing systems. These systems are available with 2 or 3 sections of fixed shelving in the back and with one or two sections of movable shelving in the front. Each system can accommodate either 6, 7, or 8 levels of our stackable open shelf filing. Each stackable tier measures 36”W x 12.16”D x 10.37” H and includes 4 welded dividers to keep files organized and in place.

Four Post Shelving

This streamlined shelving system is easy to install, expand and relocate without hardware or fasteners. The single-view unit is a traditional open shelf file with access from the front. The double-view unit accommodates 2 sets of files. Access one set from the front of the file, and the other from the back. A center stop separates the 2 sets of files and holds them in place. The 4-Post system has a 275 lb. capacity per shelf. Each shelf has up to 34 linear filing inches of space as well.

File Transfer Carts

This file transfer cart is available with either two angled, divider type shelves for end-tab folders or with one angled divider type shelf on top and a flat shelf on the bottom to hold boxes and other supplies.


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