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If you have special filing needs that require customized filing products or are looking to start a filing system from scratch to create the exact system that works the way your work, we can help! We are experts at matching existing filing products that already are working for you or setting up a filing system that works even better for you and save you money in the process. We can provide systems that allow you to open the box and start filing. Whatever your filing requirements are just ask! Our systems consultants are happy to provide ideas and discuss options to get your filing system to work for you, not you working for your filing system.

Call us and we will work with you to design a filing system based on your needs.

Consider these customizing folders options:

  • Install File backs or Index dividers into folders
  • Affix fasteners in any position
  • Print copy on folders
  • Apply color-coded labels
  • Attach paper or see-thru pockets

Custom Folders Can Help You:

  • Save money versus having your staff putting together folders.
  • Save Time with Custom Folders Ready to Use Right Out of the Box Streamline your filing system with folders that match your exact needs.
  • Reduce mis-files with Custom printing and labeling Improve your organization’s overall efficiency.
Custom Index Dividers


Custom index stock dividers are constructed of heavy-duty white or manila stock with 2-hole punching at top or 3-hole or 5-hole punching on the left or right side. 
In addition to standard dividers, we also offer fileback dividers which include a fastener on each divider. This allows you to easily add pages into each section without having to remove any other sections.
  •  All hole punching can be reinforced with Mylar tape.
  • Tab titles can be printed one side or 2 sided and body copy can be printed on one or all index sheets.
  • Mylar colored coating on tabs.
Easy Ordering Instructions
  • Specify divider color: White or Manila 
  • Specify punching needs: 2-hole punching at top, or 3-hole or 5-hole punching on the left or right side.
  • Specify tab cut style: End or Side Tabs.
  • Specify tab cut size (see chart).Specify tab titles, position (end tab left to right or side tab top to bottom).
  • Specify printed tab 1-side or 2-sided.
  • Specify body copy per tab if required.
  • Specify packaging needs: Collated (titles boxed together in sets) or not collated (each title boxed individually)

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